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People that inquire about lab services usually fall into 2 categories; you are either:

Seasoned professional sports photographer that has a need for better service or a broader product line of products or someone who is just getting started in sports photography and are looking for some answers on how this business works.

Whether you are one of these or somewhere in between, AllStar can help.


Team & Individual: If you are unsure about how to market, organize, photograph and manage your T&I photography business - this is the seminar for you. This exciting and informative program will be lead by our very own Richard Markham and will cover in detail the "ins & outs" of this rapidly growing market. Richard shares his 20+ year experience of the T&I market and has grown his photography business to over 50,000 players annually.

Event and Action Photography: If you are in T&I photography sooner or later, you will be in Action Photography - The customers will demand it. If your desire is to capture your share of the market - don't miss this seminar series.

Seminars are held around the US and here at our home office in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Call to schedule your date with us.

July 2006

Bowling Green, Kentucky

November 2006 Bowling Green, Kentucky

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