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Service Time
Our production is always scheduled to provide you with a high quality product in a short amount of time. A properly submitted order on AllStar Software typically ships within 1 week. Orders that do not require individual packaging ship in about 2 days less. Failure to include images that are properly exposed, recorded and the proper AllStar reports may delay your order and could result in additional charges. 


Payment/Credit Options
A check or money order must be sent along with each order. If payment is not received, your order will be shipped with a $8.00 C.O.D. fee added per shipment. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Any NSF checks received will have a $25 return check fee applied and any future orders may be shipped C.O.D. cash only.


Copyright Photos/Images
We cannot and will not knowingly copy or print photographs or images that are copyrighted or have a studio name imprinted without the written permission of the copyright owner. By submitting any images or other material, you guarantee that you have permission to print any logos, images or other visual symbols. AllStar Color Lab will not be held responsible for any violations. No exceptions. 


Change of Order Policy
We are focused on a rapid delivery of product to you. On those occasions where you need to change any order that is already in production and the original order has not yet been printed, the requested change will be made for a $5.00 change of order fee.
If the original order has already been printed and you require changes that delete a part of your original order, you will be billed for printing charges for those deletions.

Ownership of Graphic Designs
All preparation, designs and layouts are copyrighted and remain the property of AllStar Color Lab. Fees charged are for special handling and do not transfer rights of ownership.


Remakes & Reorders
Reorder and remakes are priced at a higher pricing structure and have a longer delivery time from original orders. If exact matching color is not important, you can use the AllStar Software as an original order. Please keep in mind, all orders over $100.00 ship free.


Limitation of Liability
The care of all property and materials while in our possession is the highest priority of AllStar Color Lab and its parent company Markham & Company, Inc. However, proper handling and archiving of images is your responsibility. AllStar is not responsible for loss, damage or delay of shipment caused by the U.S.P.O., UPS or any other method of delivery used. Submission of an order constitutes acceptance of these terms.


All orders over $100 will be shipped UPS Ground and AllStar Color Lab will pay for normal shipping (unless specified otherwise). If you prefer another carrier, please contact us. Orders under $100 will be charged shipping.


Samples do not carry the same production timetable as normal orders, we highly encourage that any sample orders be submitted during February, July, August and November will be discounted 50% off list price. All sample images must have a signed model release in order for us to print. Sample orders during any other months will be charged regular price.


Our Expanding Product Line
As we grow, we are adding additional products. If there is a product or a service that you feel you need, do not hesitate to contact us. We know we must stay on the cutting edge and this catalog represents only the majority of our products and services. If you would like to receive additional information on our expanding products and service, please let us know.

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