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Digital File Specifications

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1.      TIFF or JPEG format; this requires the .tif or .jpg extensions on the file name. Please no RAW files at this time.

2.      Properly labeled and exposed images.

3.      File names not exceed 18 characters.

4.      Images should be in RGB not CMYK profile.

5.      Maximum image file size should be no larger than 20 MB per image.  Prior approval from the lab is required on images larger than 20 MB.

6.      Files sent via the FTP site require the following AllStar Reports you’re your AllStar Software:

        ·       Packaging Report

·      Timestone Report

·      Jpg Images

·      AllStar Customer Name & Number

·       Job Name

All customers must setup an account prior to uploading images. A user name and password will be assigned to gain access to the FTP site. Certain web browsers may need some of the security functions turned off in order to find and upload to our site. For your convenience, we have provided a video of the procedures to turn off the security functions when logging on. Please sign up online to get approval for your log in information for account.

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